B.A.P has officially disbanded, each member goes on their own way

B.A.P has officially disbanded.

According to an insider, after Bang Yongguk and Zelo left the team, the remaining 4 members (Himchan, Youngjae, Daehyun, Jongup) also finished their contract with TS Entertainment. It has been said that TS Entertainment had decided not to re-sign the contract with them. Currently, Youngjae is preparing to sign a new contract with a new agency while Himchan, Daehyun and Jongup still haven’t decided yet.

In B.A.P, Bang Yongguk and Zelo debuted first then in January 2012, they debuted as a whole group of 6 members. Bang Yongguk finished the contract in August last year, and Zelo in December.

Even though TS Entertainment’s contract with the guys have ended, because the name B.A.P is copyrighted under the name of TS Entertainment, even if they return from their military services and decide to return as a whole group, it will be impossible. In the end, they have to be on their own.

B.A.P debuted as one of the hottest rookies on January 26th 2012 at Jangchung Gymnasium Seoul in front of 3000 fans. They debuted during the time a new generation of K-Pop was opened (2012~2013) along with EXO, VIXX, BTS. At that time, the K-Pop heat was reaching the global scale. B.A.P, compared to the other groups who debuted at the same period as them, went to global-scale stages faster. With their Pacific Tour and World Tour, their name was getting bigger with a larger fandom growing day by day. But after their sueing their own agency and a long time being off the industry, it’s a shame that their fame slowly faded and disappeared.

Sources: Nate

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