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Apink’s Oh Ha Young “I cried watching members’ skinship with men, I hope they’ll be careful”

Apink members guested on “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show” to promote their comeback album.

Girl group Apink appeared on KBS CoolFM’s “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show” (“Radio Show”) broadcast on April 7th.

Returning to “Radio Show” after a long time, Jung Eun Ji said, “It’s so nice to come back here with my whole group. I’m feeling very comfortable. I’m a broadcaster but also a singer who is promoting a new song, I need to give you this thing on the broadcast”. She then gave a signed album to Park Myung Soo as a gift. 


Regarding Yoon Bo Mi, who is running her own Youtube channel “BbomBbomBbom”, Park Myung Soo complimented, “We need to be consistent. Don’t aim at earning a lot of money overnight”. When Yoon Bo Mi invited Park Myung Soo to come out on her channel, Park Myung Soo refused, saying “My blood circulation is not good enough to do that”. However, Yoon Bo Mi responded, “If you appear on my channel, I think the number of views will increase. You can also promote yourself there, too”, drawing laughter.

Park Myung Soo said, “If you have 800,000 subscribers, then it’s similar to mine. I just exceeded 1.05 million. I got the Golden Button and was very happy. I hung it on the front door of my house”, then made a promise to join Yoon Bo Mi’s content. 

Apink released their 10th mini album “SELF” on the 5th, making an official comeback after one year and two months. The title song “D N D”, which is short for “Do Not Disturb”, contains the message of hope and support to everyone to imagine their own world without the interference of others.

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When asked about their feelings when listening to the song for the first time, Yoon Bo Mi said, “Personally, it didn’t make me exclaim ‘Wow, that’s great’ like ‘I’m so sick’, but I felt like we should go with this song”. Cho Rong added, “I wondered if it was right to choose this song at first. I was a little worried. It has a different concept from the previous one, so I was a bit nervous. After recording the song with our voices, it sounds great”, drawing sympathy from the members.

In response to Park Myung Soo’s question “Are you in the same company? You’ve been there for a long time. Your company’s welfare must be good?” she gave a vague answer saying “No, it’s good” which caused laughter.

Jung Eun Ji expressed gratitude, saying “Didn’t people know Apink as a healing idol group at first? Since we’ve come back with something that can comfort people in our age group, I think they like us more now.

Bomi said, “It’s our first time appearing on a music show as a complete group since COVID-19. We’re most looking forward to our fans’ cheers. Today is our first stage. We’ll also be holding a concert at Olympic Hall on April 15th and 16th.


When asked “Many girl groups have debuted, is there a team that stands out to you?” Apink replied, “Everyone is doing so well, it’s hard to choose. Rather than competition, I think our team has really good teamwork. We’re cheering for TWICE, watching how good their teamwork is.

Oh Ha Young said, “When I watch my members’ dramas or movies, I can’t help but notice the skinship between their characters, like kissing scenes. I cried the first time I saw them with a man who wasn’t their boyfriend… I was so surprised. I hope they’ll be careful with skinship with other men in the future.

When asked if she’s the “queen of tears,” Park Cho Rong laughed and said, “I think I have a lot built up.” Jung Eun Ji nodded her head and said, “When Cho Rong hears something provocative or hurtful, she tends to hold it in rather than express it right away.”

Source: Nate. 

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