Angelababy Faces Another Consequences for Attending Lisa’s ‘Crazy Horse’ Performance

The removal of Angelababy’s poster from the shopping center is the latest punishment towards Huang Xiaoming’s ex-wife

On November 11th, QQ reported that a shopping center in Shanghai, China removed advertising posters featuring Angelababy. The image of Huang Xiaoming’s ex-wife was replaced with a poster of Yang Zi.

On social media, audiences commented that this is the latest punishment the actress faced after attending Lisa’s stripping performance in France.


Angelababy is said to have attended Lisa’s performance at Crazy Horse in Paris, France at the end of September. Although the club denied the actress’s presence, many online images suggested that the information about her visit to the adult entertainment venue was accurate.

After Lisa’s Weibo account was deactivated, Jenny Zhang and Angelababy’s accounts also underwent changes. Currently, users cannot follow Angelababy on her personal page, and messaging her has been disabled.

According to Herald Pop, both Lisa and Angelababy, along with Jenny Zhang, are facing penalties for their association with the strip club and the 18+ performances at Crazy Horse.

Angelababy and Jenny Zhang

“The Chinese Performing Arts Association strictly prohibits activities such as gambling, drugs, violence, or the promotion of obscene and vulgar performances as part of the standards to maintain the reputation of celebrities,” commented Herald Pop.

QQ reported that Angelababy tried to appear composed, but the actress’s reputation is declining. The suspension of her activities has caused significant economic losses for Angelababy, who previously earned millions of dollars for participating in major projects and endorsing advertisements.

Source: K14

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