An unreleased profile photo of Kim Sung Kyung (Lami) was leaked, famous SM Rookie is about to return? 

The revealed photo generated hype for Lami’s potential comeback, this time as an actress. 

Lami (real name Kim Sung Kyung) was a well-known trainee in the SM Rookies lineup, who attracted attention for her bright image. The news of her being eliminated from the new SM group and returning to ‘normal’ life came as a shock for many. 


Recently, Lami was reported to have signed an acting contract with SM and would debut in 2023, creating hopes for a bright future artistic endeavors as well as good news for those who are long-awaiting her comeback. 


Lami was born in 2003 and joined SM in 2013 through the pre-debut project “SM Rookie”. Lami was introduced alongside Irene (Red Velvet) and Taeyong (NCT). She appeared in Red Velvet’s “Happiness” MV as well as many other SM activities such as “The Mickey Mouse Club” or “SM Town Live World Tour.” She left SM in 2020, the year aespa debuted as a group. 

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