Amid Criticism For BAEMON’s Lack Of Promotion, YG To Unveil “BATTER UP” Dance Performance On Dec 4th

YG’s new girl group Baby Monster will release the dance performance video of its debut song “BATTER UP.”

YG Entertainment posted a teaser poster on its official blog on Dec. 1 with the phrase “Debut Special.” The intense background and impressive typography raise fans’ expectations for a special gift.

babymonster batter up

Above all, the entire choreography, which was not seen in the music video of “BATTER UP,” will finally be unveiled. It is expected that the unrivaled performance capabilities and hip-hop aura of BAEMON’s members will be shown in this video.

As their “wielding the bat” dance in the chorus is already showing signs of going viral on major global platforms, it is expected that the popularity of “BATTER UP”‘dance challenges will increase once the video is released.


Meanwhile, BABYMONSTER made a spectacular debut on November 27 with the release of “BATTER UP.” The song’s music video is gaining popularity in various global markets. It has been ranked No. 1 on the global YouTube daily chart for five consecutive days, became the “most viewed video in 24 hours” right after its release, breaking rookie K-pop groups’ debut song record with 22.59 million views in a day, and exceeding 50 million views in about four days. This is also the fastest music video for a K-pop debut song to achieve this result.

However, YG is a being criticized for the lack of promotion for BAEMON. Fans are hoping the upcoming dance video will be the start of the group’s promotional activities.

Source: daum

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