Alleged Identity of “Actor L” who Ghosted Girlfriend and Took Explicit Photos Emerged

A post about actor L, who ghosted his girlfriend after getting explicit photos of her body parts, has led suspicions to one particular actor. 

Previously on February 22, a post titled “I was ghosted by actor L” was published on an online forum, drawing massive attention. 

In the post, “Actor L” was accused of having broken up with his girlfriend via text after receiving and taking explicit photos of said girlfriend’s body parts. According to the girlfriend, the actor has an image of being polite and well-mannered, but is completely different in real life, and even break-up one-sidedly with multiple people before. 

lee seo jin

Based on the “clues” released by the girlfriend, netizens are now speculating about the identity of actor L, causing actor Lee Seo-jin to be dragged into the matter. 

In particular, Lee Seo-jin previously talked about his break-ups on YouTube, is active on variety programs, and has an upright image, all of which are characteristics mentioned in the accusation. 

As a result, he became the center of suspicions, and a tweet guessing that Lee Seo-jin is actor L has even gone viral with over 4 million views. 

“So they say this actor graduated from NYU’s Business School, filmed a variety show about starting a business overseas as he is close to Na PD, ghosted a previous girlfriend to break up because his mom told him to. He’s that person”, the tweet wrote. 

As of the moment, Lee Seo-jin has not spoken up about the ongoing speculations. 

Source: Krb, Nate, X

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