All 4 BLACKPINK members have bangs, who is the prettiest?

The BLACKPINK girls are all pretty but who is the best when having bangs?

All 4 BLACKPINK girls are beautiful, so of course, they don’t hesitate to try new hairstyles. Trying to have bangs, the members captivated fans’ hearts with their pretty visuals. However, the 4 girls all have different vibes. So, who is the prettiest when having bangs?

Jisoo has a delicate face with standard beautiful facial features.  Therefore, she often has a center-parting hairdo to fully show her beauty.  However, fans think that Jisoo looks much prettier with air bangs.

The air bangs once helped the female idol to cover the acne on her forehead.  (Photo: off the page)

During the BORN PINK concert in Atlanta, Jisoo enthralled fans with her bangs. The female idol also had two adorable small bunches. Jisoo’s hairstyle makes the audience think she is the life-action version of the cartoon character Pucca.

blackpink Jisoo bangs
Jisoo was called fake-maknae thanks to her news hairstyle
blackpink Jisoo bangs
She looked so adorable

Jennie often renews her image with bangs. The female idol skillfully uses it with eye-catching accessories or dyes her hair.  Therefore, every time she has bangs, she has different vibes.

blackpink Jennie bangs
The female idol comes back with flat bangs.  (Image: Twitter @jefnieh)
blackpink Jennie bangs
The air bangs make her more girly and sweet.  (Photo: Twitter @official_jensoo)

During the BORN PINK concert, Jennie also had flat bangs.  When performing choreography on stage, her long hair seems to be dancing.

blackpink Jennie bangs
Cute Jennie with flat bangs.  (Photo: Twitter @bIackpinkloops, Twitter @jenniesarchive)

Rosé rarely gets bangs compared to the other members of the group. She frequently has long, straight or curly hair that has been colored brightly to pay heed to her fair skin. The main vocalist of BLACKPINK, however, always gets the crowd going when she has bangs.

Rosé looked pretty with air bangs (Photo: Pinterest)

The air bangs are very suitable for Rosé’s sweet, girly vibes. 

The bangs and bright-color dyed-hair are like made for Rosé.  (Photo: Pinterest)
Fans hope to see her air bangs again.  (Photo: Twitter @BLACKPINKBRASIL)

Lisa has a fairly wide forehead.  Therefore, she used bangs to cover her flaws.  This hairstyle has been attached to the maknae of BLACKPINK since debut, and has now become her iconic feature.

The female idol has long considered bangs as an “identifying feature”.  (Photo: Pinterest)

There are many interesting stories surrounding Lisa’s bangs.  For example, she will lift this bangs if she is paid 10 billion won. The female idol’s never-moving bangs also went viral on SNS.

The bangs also suit Lisa’s face very well.  (Photo: Instagram lalalalisa_m_)
blackpink lisa
Her bangs are magical as they don’t move even though she dances enthusiastically on stage.  (Photo: lifno327)

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