IZ*ONE’s Miyawaki Sakura will be joining BigHit Entertainment and is expected to sign an exclusive contract soon

According to this article, IZ*ONE Sakura to sign with Big Hit and continue activities with them

According to an exclusive report from Hankyung, Miyawaki Sakura has decided to join Big Hit Entertainment following the conclusion of IZ*ONE’s activities in April. She recently informed those close to her of her decision, and insiders believe she may join Big Hit Entertainment’s new girl group in the future.

Miyawaki Sakura debuted with Japanese idol group HKT48 and was one of the group’s most popular members during her time promoting with them. She later decided to join Produce 48, where she ranked second and re-debuted with IZ*ONE.

[UPDATE] BigHit shares statement with The Celuv that they are currently confirming the validity regarding IZ*ONE’s Miyawaki Sakura planning to join BigHit

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