AKMU’s Lee Su Hyun responded against a malicious comment

AKMU’s Lee Su Hyun responded sharply towards a hater on her Instagram’s ‘Ask Anything’ section at dawn on August 10.

While communicating with fans, Lee Su Hyun came across a malicious comment. She publicized the comment and answered, “I think I should have ignored this, but your childish attitude makes me feel upset.”

AKMU's Lee Su Hyun responded against a malicious comment

“Maybe you think that we will not read these words, but we do. I’m the person that usually ignores all the bad comments. However, many people are not like me. At the moment, you may not take these words seriously, but if you keep doing this, it will become a sharp knife that hurts other people.”

Lee Su Hyun added, “I know that you don’t like me, but if you say this is just for fun, I suggest that you should not do it again. You are too precious to become a bad person like that.”

AKMU, Lee Suhyun’s group, released the new album “NEXT EPISODE” on the 26th of last month and is now promoting the title song “NAKKA”.

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