After Jessica, Choo Ja Hyun appears in Chinese TV show, wearing a bold stage costume 

Actress Choo Ja Hyun is attracting attention as she is captured wearing a bold stage costume while appearing in a Chinese TV program.

Recently, photos of Choo Ja Hyun filming the Chinese TV show “Sisters Who Make Waves 2023” started to spread on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform.


In the fan-taken photos, Choo Ja Hyun is moving alongside her fellow performers while wearing a dazzling red stage costume. In particular, the actress is dressed in a halter-neck red dress that falls just below her knees, and completes her intense outfit with dark red lipstick, black boots, and gloves. Choo Ja Hyun, who is leaving the recording set hand-in-hand with her fellow performers, can be seen smiling brightly.


Previously, Choo Ja Hyun joined the cast of “Sisters Who Make Waves 2023” along with f(x) member Amber and other female stars, and started filming in the Chinese city Changsha.  “Sisters Who Make Waves 2023” is the 4th season of Mango TV’s survival audition show “Sisters Who Make Waves”, which challenges female entertainers in their 30s and above to take a leap. In Season 3 of the show, former Girls’ Generation member Jessica appeared and won second place, while in previous seasons, Fei and Jia, who were formerly of Miss A, appeared and achieved good results.


On the other hand, Choo Ja Hyun rose to the ranks of famous actresses in China, after taking on the lead role in the Chinese version of “Temptation of Wife” in 2011, and has been active as a “ratings queen” in the country.

In 2015, Choo Ja Hyun publicly dated Chinese actor Yu Xiaoguang, whom she met through a drama, and married him in 2017. Afterward, they appeared in the SBS variety show “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2”, gaining great popularity in both Korea and China. They had a son named Ba Da in 2018.

Source: Daum

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