After 14 years, how is the life of IVY, the sexy singer who was blackmailed by her boyfriend because of the hot clip?

This sexy female singer once had a successful career, but her everything all fell apart after one night only.

Hot clip being revealed is like a death sentence to the career and honor of a celebrity. The Korean entertainment industry has seen many stars lose their careers because of hot clips. One-time sexy icon, the ”New Lee Hyori” – female singer Ivy was used to be blackmailed by her ex-boyfriend. He threatened to release a series of her hot clips in 2007. After 14 years, this incident has changed her life and career a lot.

Born in 1982, Ivy’s real name is Park Eun Hye. The glorious day of the sexy female singer was from 2005 to 2007 in Korea thanks to her sexy appearance and fiery performance. She was named the “new Lee Hyori”, owning a large fan base. In the midst of her rising career, the singer was threatened by her ex-boyfriend to release a series of hot photos and private videos, causing everything to fall apart after one night only.

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In 2007, the singer’s ex-boyfriend threatened and used a hot clip to blackmail Ivy. This man asked Ivy to immediately pay him $ 50,000, otherwise he would release all sensitive videos as well as hot photos of the female singer online. This news shocked the netizens.

Immediately, the police got involved and after the investigation process, Ivy’s ex-boyfriend was arrested on charges of blackmail. Although the police proved that there was no sex tape as this man said, the image of the sexy female singer has completely collapsed. A series of producers as well as brands turned their back on her, Ivy from the top female singer has no longer received public support. This shock made her choose to stay away from showbiz for 4 years.

It was not until 2011 that Ivy returned and released a new album. But now, the life of the once sexy icon has changed a lot. No longer a young idol, but with a powerful voice and bright appearance, Ivy spends time developing in the musical field. Up to now, she has become a famous musical actress.

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On her SNS, the beauty born in 1982 also posted many pictures of her peaceful daily life with her dog and her hobby of cooking and gardening. Although not as popular as before, looking at this series of photos, fans also feel more assured because it seems that the old scandal has no longer affected Ivy. Now she just focuses on enjoying the present peaceful life.

Source: K14

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