aespa’s Karina Stirs Controversy with Recent Remarks

aespa’s Karina continues to spark debates with her controversial remarks 

Karina recently found herself at the center of a controversy due to her latest remark. In an interview with Rolling Stone, when asked about how aespa works together as a group, Karina said, “Honestly, if you look at other K-pop groups, people fight a lot, and there are a lot of teams that don’t work well together. But even from the beginning, we didn’t have those issues.”

Netizens felt that Karina unnecessarily brought up other groups. The question was only about aespa, and her response, which seemed to compare her group with others, didn’t sit well with other groups’ fans. 

This isn’t the first time Karina has found herself under controversy over what she said. Not long ago, she appeared on Lee Youngji’s drinking show, creating a buzz on social media with conversations related to weight and free time for K-pop idols. 

karina young ji

Karina revealed that even as an idol, she has time to play games and said, “It would be a lie to say that celebrities don’t have free time.” This sparked mixed reactions. As many idols with demanding schedules have experienced exhaustion and health issues due to heavy workloads.

Karina also shared her struggles with gaining weight. Her methods for maintaining a skinny body faced opposition from people with knowledge about nutrition. 

Source: k14

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