aespa Winter is suspected of using Photoshop after posting a photo of her sitting on the stairs

aespa Winter posted a picture on SNS and was embroiled in an untimely “Photoshop” suspicion.

On July 22nd, several photos of Winter taken at the set of KBS2’s “Music Bank” were posted on aespa’s official Instagram account. In the photo, Winter is sitting on the stairs with her legs crossed, wearing a two-piece outfit with shoulder ribbons. Winter’s combination of blonde bobbed hair, beret, and pink-toned blusher made fans excited.

Some netizens, who enlarged the photo to see Winter in more detail, suddenly made an unexpected discovery. The stair under Winter’s right arm and the stairs near her left torso were bent. It is not certain, but it seems to be a catastrophe that occurred while re-editing the photo.

This is because when ‘slim body’ correction is performed with a smartphone application, even objects nearby the main character will be bent.

Even when Winter is already slim and pretty, it is presumed that the photo was photoshopped to show a better image to her fans.

aespa winter

Netizens responded in various ways, such as “Our perfect Winter also uses Photoshop,” “It may have been automatically bent after applying a filter,” and “Honestly, everyone use photoshop.”

Meanwhile, aespa recently made a comeback with their second mini-album “Girls” on July 8th.

Source: Insight

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