Current whereabouts of actress Moon Chae Won, who celebrates her 15th debut anniversary this year 

Let’s find out how Moon Chae Won, an actress who is loved by people of all ages, is doing. 

Moon Chae Won, who captivated the Korean public with the line “Hey, give me” in “Running Man”, was born in 1986 and made her acting debut in 2007 through SBS’s sitcom “Mackerel Run.”

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Because of her outstanding acting skills, people think that she majored in acting like other actors, but Moon Chae Won was surprisingly not an acting major.

Moon Chae Won was a dancer when she was young, but due to an injury, she changed her career to art. She went to Sunhwa Arts High School, where she studied painting. She later attended the Western Painting Department of Chugye University For The Arts.

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Moon Chae Won moved from Daegu to Gangnam, Seoul when she was young. Back then, she was timid to the point that she didn’t talk to people around her because she didn’t want to speak in Daegu dialect. In an interview, Moon Chae Won shared that she naturally became a loner.

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While studying painting at Sunhwa Arts High School, she decided to become an actress when she was in her third year. While wandering, she told her parents about wanting to become an actress, but they did not allow her, so she had no choice but to go to the Department of Western Painting at Chugye University of the Arts. 

Moon Chae Won, who already had a dream of acting in her heart, eventually dropped out of art college during one semester and joined Star K Entertainment to prepare for her acting career. She eventually debuted as an actress in 2007.

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Recently, Moon Chae Won took on the role of Jun Kyung in SBS’s drama “Payback” and showed off her outstanding acting. As an actress who has been known to specialize in her romance-comedy genre, “Payback”, a legal drama, marks Moon Chae Won’s special transformation. 

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In a recent interview with a media outlet, Moon Chae Won said of “Payback” and expressed her satisfaction, saying, “Of course, it would be nice if the ratings were high, but I care about the process more than the result. I felt rewarded when more people said they enjoyed the drama than I expected.”

Moon Chae Won celebrates her 15th debut anniversary this year. As she has shown various sides of herself so far, the public is looking forward to what she will continue to present in the future.

Source: Daum

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