Aespa surpassed BTS, outpaced Gen 4 idols thanks to No1 Melon

SM Entertainment’s rookie ‘Next Level’ reached No. 1 on the Melon chart.

On June 21 afternoon, Aespa‘s song “Next Level” climbed to No.1 on Melon 24 Hits chart and dethroned BTS on this popular digital music chart. The achievements of the SM girl group immediately shook the Kpop community. Aespa entered the top trending with the first memorable record in their career.

aespa gains new achievement when next level mv hits 100 million views within a month

SM’s rookie group is the first 4th generation group to get 1st place on Melon 24Hits – a chart in which only songs that are really popular and listened to by the public have a top ranking. Taking first place also proves that Next Level is not only loved by fans but also netizens and non-fans.

In fact, since Melon’s reform with a new calculation, only a few idols have had their songs reach No.1:

• Black Pink: How You Like That

• BTS: Dynamite

• Brave Girls: Rollin

• BTS: Butter

• Aespa: Next Level


When Next Level was released, it was criticized because it sounded messy and difficult to absorb. Not many people believe in the ability to climb the digital chart of this song, so Aespa’s achievements are really making fans proud, and anti fans have to be silent. Aespa is leading in the 4th generation rookies race, thanks to their impressive reputation and digital music record.

With this ranking, “Next Level” and “Butter” (BTS) are the only two idol songs to reach No1 Melon 24Hits in 2021. Aespa is the only SM artist and the first and only one in 4th generation groups to achieve 1st place up to the present time.

Netizens commented: “What a remarkable achievement”, “This song has been out for a month and it still ranks like this”, “Aespa fighting”, “Talking about Gen 4, Aespa is already the queen.” , “It’s too good for an 8-month rookie to have this achievement”, “

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