ADOR’s CEO Min Hee Jin takes a jab at those who defame and accuse her of glamorizing “Lolita” concept 

Min Hee Jin directly addressed the controversy that recently arose over her alleged glamorization of pedophilia.

Recently, based on the photos that ADOR’s CEO Min Heejin posted on her personal Instagram, many netizens came up with theories that she was inspired by lolita movies that involve minors being sexualized to create concepts for K-pop idols she works with, namely New Jeans, SHINee, and more. Heavy criticism against Min Hee Jin has since sparked. 

On August 10, Min Hee Jin’s interview with JoongAng newspaper, where she candidly talked about the controversy, was published. 

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Min Hee Jin said, “Not long ago, some photos on my Instagram got caught up in controversy and speculation. Because I’m not active on online communities, others told me. They are all false accusations so everyone around me, from acquaintances to the company, they all ignore it because they think it’s not something worth worrying about. However, I don’t want to suffer injustice and don’t know when to ignore it. I’ve been busy, but I still find time to think about it.

I’m a fan of logical developments so just working on that is enough. But there’s a good chance people don’t accept that logic because they’re attacking me based on my imagination. At this point, everything seems more intentional. Everyone told me to ignore it, but there was no reason for me to suffer this kind of defamation. The debut of NewJeans has seen positive results, so what is more contradictory than having people both praise and doubt my intentions?

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When asked how she dealt with such accusations, Min Hee Jin said, “If I responded, the controversy would be even bigger. When people take screenshots of things they like, do they all research where they come from before posting? I didn’t think much of those pictures either. I just posted what I like, but people thought I was up to something. This is the double standard. So those who gave me the items in my house all have a problem?  Someone took a screenshot of SNS posts and sent it to me to point out the tendencies of the “slanderers”. They compared female celebrities to the character Tomie in the comics by Ito Junji without knowing Tomie is a murderer, considering the character’s origin, it’s even worse. What I mean is, I’ve been misrepresented by netizens about my intentions while people are doing the same thing.”

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She added, “People even bring in movies to associate with the pictures I posted, which is totally unrelated. Really, these slanderers only show how pathetic they are when they come up with such fiction. They keep criticizing, but even if I explain, they probably won’t listen.

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Anyway, spreading false information and defaming me like this is very serious, it is unacceptable to just ignore it. I have decided to file a criminal complaint. I used to think that those who wrote malicious comments were also fans, so I ignored them, but when I looked at the comments, I realized that they violated a lot of provisions in the criminal law. In order to prevent this problem in the future and protect the members, we have decided to set up a dedicated organization in ADOR to deal with similar issues.”

Source: joongang

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