Adele shows priceless reaction to finally meeting ideal type Dwayne Johnson while sitting right next to her boyfriend

Adele met Dwayne Johnson for the first time and she couldn’t help but to fangirl over him. 

On February 5th (local time), at the 65th Grammy Awards held in Los Angeles, California, USA, Adele and Dwayne Johnson finally met each other. 

The Rock Adele

Comedian and host Trevor Noah was showing off his unique humor and approaching Adele’s table. He looked at Adele and said, “The person that Adele has always wanted to meet but never has is Dwayne Johnson. I also found out he’s a big fan of yours.”

Adele couldn’t hide her anticipation. “I don’t have Dwayne Johnson here tonight,” Trevor Noah teased Adele, then introduced Dwayne Johnson by saying, “But I do have someone called ‘The Rock.’”

The Rock Adele

Surprised, Adele immediately grabbed her boyfriend Rich Paul by the shoulder and got up. At the appearance of her ideal type, Dwayne Johnson, Adele hugged him with her arms wide open. 

The two greeted each other by kissing each other on the cheek while everyone was applauding. Noah then joked, “All right, you two get acquainted, we gotta keep the show moving!” 

Adele, who couldn’t hide her smile after meeting her hero, caught the attention of viewers.

Viewers showed enthusiastic reactions such as “That is a really happy smile”, “How nice it would have been for her…”, “Her boyfriend next to her must have smiled bitterly”. Some viewers joked, “Please think about how your boyfriend’s feelings. He was sitting right next to you.”

The Rock Adele

Previously, in an interview in December 2021, Adele said, “I was a big fan of wrestling when I was a child. I would actually cry if I actually met The Rock in person.”

Adele said, “He (Dwayne Johnson) is awesome. He’s truly incredible. I want him to be my friend.” She even boasted that Dwayne Johnson’s wife, Lauren Hashian, attended her concert.

The Rock Adele

Meanwhile, Adele won the Best Pop Solo Performance award at the Grammy Awards on the same day for “Easy On Me”. 

She said in her tearful speech, “I want to dedicate this award to my son. I wrote this first verse in the shower when I was choosing to change my son’s life. He’s been nothing but humble and gracious and loving to me the whole time. That’s why I want to give him love too.”

Source: Insight

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