Actress Suddenly Rumored to be Kim Soo-hyun’s Mother, Similar Visuals to Kim Ji-won? 

An old photo suddenly sparked speculations that an actress who looks like Kim Ji-won is the mother of Kim Soo-hyun.

Thanks to the explosive popularity of “Queen of Tears”, Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Ji-won are top-discussed names nowadays. Sweet interactions on screen and behind the scenes of the two have led to rumors of a romantic relationship. Along with that, images and information related to their past and personal lives are also being brought up.

queen of tears

Recently, a humorous situation occurred when netizens discovered an old photo of Kim Soo-hyun and thought that the person standing next to him in the photo was his mother. 

The reason this photo resurfaced is that the person in it bears a striking resemblance to Kim Ji-won. As a result, many news channels deliberately paired this photo with pictures of Kim Ji-won and spread a “fairytale-like” story that Kim Ji-won looks like Kim Soo-hyun’s mother, so the two must be destined for each other.

kim soo hyun-Zhang Tian-ai
An old photo of Kim Soo-hyun suddenly sparks rumors about his mother 
kim soo hyun-Zhang Tian-ai kim ji won
Netizens speculated that Kim Ji-won resembles the mother of Kim Soo-hyun.

In reality, the person in this photo is not Kim Soo-hyun’s mother at all. She is actress Zhang Tian-ai, who starred alongside Kim Soo-hyun in a film project. 

At that time, after accepting an invitation from a director who was also her close friend, Zhang Tian-ai went to Korea to film a short film called “Cherry Blossom” with Kim Soo-hyun. This collaboration sparked Zhang Tian-ai’s love for acting. After returning to China, she went to Beijing to develop her career, stepping into the Chinese entertainment industry as a commercial actress and attending the Beijing Film Academy to study acting.

An old photo of Kim Soo-hyun suddenly sparks rumors about his mother 
Kim Soo-hyun and Zhang Tian-ai in “Cherry Blossom”

As “Cherry Blossom” was filmed when Kim Soo-hyun was an unknown rookie, not many people knew about his photo with Zhang Tian-ai, leading to the hilarious rumors.

Zhang Tian-ai

Additionally, Zhang Tian-ai looked somewhat like Kim Ji-won in the photo, likely due to the angle of the shot, despite currently bearing little resemblance to Kim Ji-won. 

Source: K14, Hancinema

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