Actress Song Hye Kyo rewards herself with a relaxing weekend afternoon with her favorite pet Ruby 

Actress Song Hye Kyo enjoyed a “do-nothing” weekend with her pet dog Ruby.

On May 20th, Song Hye Kyo revealed her joyful weekend afternoon with her dog Ruby. 

In the released photos, the actress was in a yellow dress with floral pattern and a white cap. Moreover, the actress was happily playing and laxing around with her pet dog Ruby in a small but warmly lit garden.  

In the pictures, the actress was seen holding Ruby and giving her dog sweet kisses. 

Following the major success of “The Glory” and an unfortunate turn of events with “The Master of Confession”, actress Song seems to be taking a quick retreat from the limelight. With this pictorial update, Song Hye Kyo gives fans a glimpse into her daily life. 

Source: nate 

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