Actress Choi Ji Woo flaunt jaw-dropping visuals in her 40s, indirectly refuted domestic violence rumors

Once an iconic actress, Choi Ji Woo has mostly retreated from the entertainment industry after her marriage. 

Recently, Choi Ji Woo suddenly became the top-searched Korean actress on the Korean searching platform Naver, and also became trending across many SNS.

In particular, the actress, who became a top star via her performances in hit K-dramas “Winter Sonata”, “Stairway To Heaven”, and “Air City” posted a photo of her side profile. She also published other photos from the same series, with the simple caption “Jeju Island”, showing that she’s enjoying her vacation in Jeju. 

choi ji woo instagram

Said photos showed Choi Ji Woo having the time of her life on a beach of Jeju. Now in her 40s, the actress wore a denim jacket, beige pants, and boasted the most beautiful smile. She soon earned numerous praise from netizens for her forever youthful appearance and bright demeanor. 

choi ji woo instagram
Choi Ji Woo showed off her side profile at a cafe in Jeju
choi ji woo instagram
The actress seemed to be having the time of her life

Previously, Choi Ji Woo was suspected to be the actress stabbed by her violent husband right in front of their child. Netizens speculated this after reading clues that the actress in question was in her 40s and had a younger husband. At this, Choi Ji Woo kept her silence, but her newest photos have effectively disproved all these assumptions. 

Choi Ji Woo
Choi Ji Woo at her wedding with her younger husband 

In 2018, Choi Ji Woo married a businessman 9 years younger. She gave birth to her first child in 2020, at the age of 45. 

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