Actor who is much taller than “toilet compartment”

Actor Na In Woo unintentionally proved to be a tall man while filming a drama.

In ENA’s “Longing for You”, which aired on Aug 2nd, Na In Woo (as Oh Jin Seong) tracked the culprit of the serial murder case in earnest.

On this day, Na In Woo was promoted in recognition of his contributions as he solved the case safely.

Na In woo

Na In Woo, who was pretending to be calm, went to the bathroom, danced and sang “Oh, promotion baby“.

Repeatedly shouting “Promotion“, Na In Woo entered the toilet compartment, took selfies, sent them to his younger brother and bragged.

It was Na In Woo’s height, which was much taller than the toilet compartment, that attracted attention as much as Na In Woo’s excited expression.

Na In Woo, who was taking selfies in the toilet compartment, had such a superior physique that it would not be strange at all even if he nodded to someone outside.

According to the portal profile, Na In Woo is 187cm tall.

However, the height that Na In Woo directly revealed on KBS2’s “2 Days & 1 Night” last year was different from the profile content.

Na In woo

At that time, Na In Woo said he was 188cm tall. However, when Kim Jong Min asked “Honestly, aren’t you taller than that?“, he replied that he was exactly 188.6cm tall.

Afterwards, Na In Woo was misunderstood as intentionally shortening his height. Recently, he explained at the press conference of “Longing for You”, “I didn’t shorten my height. I grew taller through treatment.”

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