Actor Nam Joo-hyuk accused of school bullying in middle school and high school

Recently, an informant contact The Days directly and reported a case of school bullying. 

On June 20th, informant A recalled the memories from a long time ago and made a report together with a photo of their school graduation album to increase credibility. According to the report, there is a school bullying perpetrator among famous actors who are currently active.

A claimed that they have been bullied for six years during their middle and high school days. Adding that the famous actor used to hang out with a group of bullies, A then called out the name of actor Nam Joo-hyuk.

Nam Joo-hyuk

A said that they went to the same school as Nam Joo-hyuk for a long time and not only them but 1 or 2 more students were also bullied by that group. Accordingly, there were about 15 bullies in the group and Nam Joo-hyuk was one of them.

A said that this bully group often pushed other students and cut lines during lunchtime. They swore and fought every day at school. They often ordered other students to buy bread from the so-called “bread shuttle” snack bar at school.

Twenty five twenty one

A added that they could remember clearly the moment they were humiliated as the bullies kept throwing mechanical pencil leads at them and taking away their chair before they sat down.

A also confessed that the memories of 6 years of being bullied and humiliated came to their mind when they saw Nam Joo-hyuk appear on the TV as an innocent and bright male lead. 

Twenty Five Twenty One

In addition, it is known that apart from the person who reported this, other students who were abused more severely at school are even receiving psychiatric treatment and trying to stay away from the TV to avoid seeing Nam Joo-hyuk.

nam joo hyuk scandal

Above all, informant A emphasized that they wanted nothing else but hope that students who are in similar situations to be less influenced until they become adults.

Meanwhile, Nam Joo-hyuk once became a hot topic as he was known to be a close friend of actor Ji-soo, who was also embroiled in a school bullying scandal

actor jisoo

Source: thedaysnews

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