Actor Criticized For Climbing Cherry Blossom Tree To Take Photo

Actor Choi Sung-joon recently sparked controversy over his reckless behavior when taking a cherry blossom photo

On April 10th, Choi Sung-joon uploaded on his Instagram account a photo of him going out to enjoy the weather in spring.

However, the actor faced criticism as he was seen climbing on a cherry blossom tree to take the picture. Many people complained that his action could damage the tree.

Choi Sung-joon

Not only netizens but fellow celebrities also pointed out his inappropriate behavior. Super Junior’s Yesung commented “Hey”, while ClickB’s Kim Sang-hyuk said, “You’re reported”.

The controversy intensified but Choi Sung-joon didn’t make any response. Instead, he posted another Instagram photo showing his hand carefully touching the cherry blossom tree. The actor added a caption, saying “I’m truly sorry, tree. I’ll live with more love and care for trees”.

Meanwhile, OSEN reported the news of Choi Sung-joon’s contract, saying “After checking with Keyeast, known to be Choi Sung-joon’s agency, we found out that his exclusive contract has already expired a few years ago. Keyeast doesn’t know anything about his recent status”.

Choi Sung-joon graduated from Seoul National University majoring in Physical Education. He is known as a member of the Mensa Club with IQ 156.

The actor made his debut in the CF for Bacchus in 2003 and appeared in several dramas such as “Han River Ballad”, “Can We Refill The Love?”, “Princess Hours”, “I Can Hear Your Voice”, etc.

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