Academy teacher left a meaningful message for Jinni, the visual member who suddenly left NMIXX last year

The academy teacher of NMIXX former member Jinni wrote a meaningful letter.

A, known as Jinni’s academy teacher, recently made a post on SNS, saying “Your efforts won’t betray you. You were able to put everything down without regret because you had done your best”, showing support for Jinni.


A continued, “‘Best practice bug’ little girl who had gone back and forth between Busan and Seoul since you were in 5th Grade of elementary school to achieve your dream, you did a great job”, adding “I’m publicly leaving a few words to you now. As you said, you worked hard and did your best without regret so there’s nothing you can do, right?”.

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In response, netizens commented, “I think Jinni voluntarily left the group”, “Isn’t this just the thought of an academy teacher?”, “I don’t think she could put everything down so lightly”, “I don’t think she shared everything with her academy teacher”, etc.

On December 9th last year, JYP Entertainment announced Jinni’s withdrawal from NMIXX.

At that time, JYP said, “We apologize for causing concern to fans with this sudden news. Jinni will be leaving the group due to personal reasons, and her exclusive contract has also been terminated”, adding “We would like to inform you that NMIXX will continue to carry out their schedules as a six-member group from now on.”

Netizens speculated that there might be another reason. Some raised rumors of Jinni’s private life problems. More than a month has passed since Jinni left NMIXX, but Jinni’s sudden withdrawal is still controversial.

Source: Wikitree

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