NMIXX engulfed in dating rumors following the abrupt withdrawal of Jinni 

Rumors surrounding the group NMIXX are being mass-produced after JYP announced the departure of former member Jinni. 

Đã khoảng một tuần kể từ khi tin tức về việc Jinni rời khỏi NMIXX . Kể từ đó, hình ảnh của cựu thành viên đã bị xóa khỏi SNS của NMIXX và sự xuất hiện của cô ấy đang bị chỉnh sửa khỏi nội dung chính thức. Do đó, nhiều bình luận ác ý xung quanh NMIXX đã lan rộng. 

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On December 13th, Mnet posted a behind-the-scenes video of NMIXX’s stage at the 2022 MAMA Awards, which was held at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka, Japan on the 29th and 30th of December.

The released video shows NMIXX members rehearsing before their performance, and Jinni was still in the group during this time. However, she can barely be seen throughout the video, since her appearance was minimized by editing. 

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NMIXX has now been reorganized into a 6-member group, and even the members are struggling to adjust. As Jinni is known to have been a trainee for about 7 years, her sudden exit raised a lot of questions. 

In addition, on their official announcement on December 9th, JYP Entertainment simply stated the reason for Jinni’s departure as “personal circumstances”. As a result, speculations about health abnormality, pregnancy, and romance with a male celebrity have surfaced. 


Whilst all or these speculations are completely baseless, a cold gaze has been casted towards the remaining members of NMIXX. Sullyoon, for example, is being caught up in a “love rumor” with a male idol, and speculations about an alleged private Twitter account of her have spreaded. 


On top of all this, malicious rumors about discord among NMIXX members can also be found.

As unconfirmed rumors are staining NMIXX, many people are demanding for JYP to clarify the nature of Jinni’s departure. However, many believed that her withdrawal must have been an agreement with the agency, and pointed towards the cast of TREASURE, where 2 members left earlier this year, saying that personal businesses need not be publicized. 

Source: Daum, Nate Pann

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