A strange tweet appeared on Goo Hara’s Twitter, angry fans asked hackers to let the female idol rest

It has been more than 1 year since Goo Hara passed away, the public is still mourning the beautiful singer with a tragic life. 

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Recently, the female idol’s Instagram account has been switched to tribute mode, seeing the memorial flower symbol has made fans extremely emotional. Every post uploaded by Goo Hara will be retained, no one will have access to her account.  However, the situation of Goo Hara’s Twitter account is the same as Instagram, even turning into a pitiful situation. 

At dawn on December 14, many fans were surprised when a strange tweet appeared on the account of the deceased female idol.  This nonsense status made fans speculate that the female idol’s account was hijacked by hackers. Below this tweet, many fans left comments criticizing the hacker: “This is not a joke, you’re hurting people who love Hara”,” Respect the one who passed away”,” Let Hara rest “…

Many people also demand Twitter to take action to protect Goo Hara’s account.  Currently, this meaningless tweet has not been deleted by the hacker.  Goo Hara’s tweet is from November 20, 2019, when she had just finished her performance in Japan, just days before her death.

Sources: Dispatch

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