A Samsung staff made a controversial comment on RM and Jimin (BTS) buying expensive houses: ‘They don’t put in as much effort as I do’

This employee’s comment on RM and Jimin buying expensive apartments quickly attracted thousands of comments from the online community after a short time of posting. 

Yesterday, the media reported that two BTS members, RM and Jimin, bought their own luxury apartments at Nine One Hannam – one of the most expensive real estate areas in Korea.  This news has attracted special interest even among non-BTS fans.  This news was made even more remarkable by the fact that both RM and Jimin made the payment in cash in one go without any debt.

RM spent 6.3 billion KRW to buy an apartment with a total area of ​​293.93 square meters.  Meanwhile, to own another apartment with a similar area, Jimin spent 5.9 billion KRW.  The images inside the Nine One Hannam apartment complex make netizens really overwhelmed and respect the BTS members. The two BTS can buy super expensive private houses when they are still very young.

However, it seems that not everyone is happy about this great achievement of the BTS members.  After information about RM and Jimin’s apartment was widely published by the Korean press, an article with the title;: “I’m going crazy after reading the news that BTS bought houses”; quickly created a heated debate in the Korean online community.

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The author of the article, a Samsung employee, stated, “To tell the truth. These guys just did what they wanted to do and got lucky, so they got rich. When it comes to effort, aren’t I the one who puts in more effort?  Do these guys have college entrance exams?  Did they spend 4 years in college?  Do they take an aptitude test? Even if I bury my head in a job I hate, it’s going to be hard to buy a house. I’m really angry and want to go crazy.”

This person’s sharing has been met with a wave of fierce criticism, not only from BTS fans, but also from a large number of Korean netizens.  Many people are annoyed when this employee only appreciates his own efforts but looks down on the efforts of others.  Because in fact, BTS has had to go through a lot of difficulties and constantly strive to achieve the success it is today.

Source: tinnhac

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