A rookie girl group member who debuted this year and an 18-year-old male idol are engulfed in dating rumors 

Kim Da Yeon from the rookie girl group Kep1er and Won of boy group Ciipher are embroiled in dating rumors. 

On October 12th, an anonymous account on Twitter posted several photos of Kep1er Kim Da Yeon and Ciipher Won on the SNS platform.

The photos, which shows Kim Da Yeon and Won taking photos in the same places, wearing the same clothes, and using alleged “couple items”, have made their rounds through various online forums. In addition, it was also pointed out that the lockscreen of Kim Da Yeon was similar to a photo taken by Ciipher Won. 

The news is becoming a hot topic, especially with Kep1er being a rookie group that’s making their comeback soon. 

Netizens who saw the news left comments like, “Wow, they sure showed off while dating”, “Isn’t Kep1er’s comeback tomorrow?”, “The fans must be very upset right now”, and “Such open showing of couple items…”

Source: Wikitree

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