A male idol 8 years into his debut opens his own YouTube channel + BLACKPINK’s Lisa makes surprise appearance 

WINNER’s Seunghoon now has his personal YouTube channel. 

On October 20th, a video titled “Subscribe to Lee Seung Hoon (right away) My Success Era has begun” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Lee (This) Seunghoon Jeo (That) Seunghoon.”

In his first video, Lee Seunghoon was handed a cake to celebrate the opening of his own YouTube channel from the production team. He blew out the candle and shouted “Fighting!”

Lee Seunghoon said, “Recently, I am working as a short form creator. I decided to open my YouTube channel because I wanted to meet new viewers.”

Lee Seunghoon

He talked about the channel name. He said, “I thought a lot about it, but in the end, ‘Lee Seunghoon Jeo Seunghoon’ (This Seunghoon That Seunghoon) was unanimously chosen because it stuck to me.” He added, “Human Lee Seunghoon, celebrity Lee Seunghoon, and my honest self. I will show you various aspects including the new side of Seunghoon.”

In the scene that followed, BLACKPINK’s Lisa made a surprise appearance. Hearing the channel name of “This Seunghoon That Seunghoon” from the production team, Lisa made a puzzled expression and drew laughter.


In addition, splendid guests such as WINNER’s Kim Jinwoo, Akmu’s Lee Chanhyuk, and Hook’s Aiki appeared one after another in the video.

Meanwhile, Lee Seunghoon debuted as a member of YG Entertainment’s group WINNER in 2014. The contents of his YouTube channel will be uploaded every Thursday at 6 PM KST.

Source: wikitree

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