A list of top 4 actresses who look stunning in bare face is announced, controversy ensues for leaving out “notable” names

Netizens believe Song Hye Kyo should be on the list, especially for her performance on “The Glory.”

Recently, a list of top 4 actresses confidently showing their bare faces on-screen was announced, drawing mixed reactions from netizens. They believe the list missed out on several notable names such as Song Hye Kyo, Yoona and Kim Yoo Jung. From a recent breakthrough and dedication of Song Hye Kyo with “The Glory,” netizens strongly affirm that the actress should be on the list.

Nonetheless, no one is denying the rightfulness of those who made it to the top 4.

Kim Ji Won

Kim Ji Won is the first name to get mentioned. The 1992-born actress whipped up a storm across Asian with drama series such as “The Heir” or “Descendants of the Sun.” 

The actress earns a good reputation for sophisticated acting performance, along with a sweet and innocent image. The actress has captivated, for multiple times, fans and viewers’ attention with photos of herself without makeup, which gives off a gentle spirit. she continues flaunting her natural beauty on drama series and movies.

Bae Suzy

Despite having an idol background, Bae Suzy has always embraced her naturally bright and sweet beauty. It is photos of the idol-actress without makeup that gain her the most attention.

 Suzy’ bare-face photos send the Internet into a frenzy

 Suzy said it herself that she would try to reduce her use of makeup to as minimally as possible to keep a healthy skin and avoid developing allergies.

 Lee Joo Bin

Lee Joo-bin

“Money Heist: Korea” Lee Joo Bin is the next name on the list who is not afraid to show her natural beauty without makeup. Her confidence for showing her bare face on-screen gains her a lot of love from viewers. She also confessed that she tried to lower her need for makeup to maintain a natural health for her skin. 

Seo Hyun Jin

At the age of 38, Seo Hyun Jin manages to leave the audience in awe for her flawless complexion. Because of her skin, the actress even becomes a reliable source for skincare routine for Korean women.

Seo Hyun Jin

Seo Hyun Jin’s enviably flawless skin

 In “Cassiopeia”, the actress confidently showed her bare face on-screen. Nonetheless, Hyun Jin also added that, as she was playing a role of an ill person, it would be totally inappropriate to wear makeup while portraying her character.

Source: K14

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