A Korean actress who lost 30kg after drinking only water for 40 days

This female star underwent a drastic weight loss by going through an extreme diet.

Actress Shin So-yul, who debuted in 2006 and appeared in the drama ‘Reply 1997‘ in 2012, showed great presence to the public. Through movies, dramas and plays, she has consistently engaged in different activities. When she was 20, Shin So-yul weighed 75 kg. She lost up to 46 kg in a month and a half by lying down after drinking only water. She shared that when she was really hungry, she would endure by eating a piece of cabbage. The reason she decided to go on such an extreme diet was because of a backstory involving her boyfriend at the time.

Shin So-yul
Shin So-yul

Shin So-yul, who often thought about dieting, heard that her boyfriend, who told her that being chubby was cute, answered, “Yes,” with a big sigh when asked, “Don’t you think your girlfriend should lose some weight?” at a drinking party. 

Shin So-yul

She even decided to go on a diet because she was shocked by what he said, “She’s just like a younger sister to me.” Rumors spread that she had plastic surgery on her whole body when she went to school in a month and a half after a huge weight loss, and suddenly male seniors began to buy her food.

Shin So-yul
Shin So-yul
Shin So-yul’s Instagram

Shin So-yul started a strict diet to take revenge on her boyfriend, but continued dating him for two years after that. She emphasized the risk of a starving diet. Since then, she has been maintaining a healthy body through exercise and constant body care.

Meanwhile, Shin So-yul is enjoying her happy newlywed’s life after marrying musical actor Kim Ji-cheol, who is three years younger than her, in 2019. Their super small wedding, which only cost 870,000 won, became a hot topic. “I wanted to fully remember my precious day,” she said, revealing the reason she organized a small wedding.

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