Actor Kim Woo Bin transforms into a legendary delivery driver who deals dizzying blows in action-packed saga on Netflix’s dystopian “Black Knight”

Actor Kim Woo Bin makes a strong comeback with Netflix’s dystopian series “Black Knight”.

Kim Woo Bin officially came back with Netflix’s original series “Black Knight”. Following a light-hearted role on the omnibus drama “Our Blues”, the actor returned to the small screen with a more taxing, but no less entertaining, role in a never-before-seen Korean dystopian series after years of break from acting.


“Black Knight” is based on a webtoon of the same name that takes place in 2071, when the air is severely polluted and people cannot go outside without a mask. In such an environmental disaster, only 1% of the Korean population manages to survive. People rarely leave their homes and have to depend on “Knights”, specialized delivery drivers, for supplies, especially oxygen, to stay alive.


Woo Bin plays a legendary delivery driver in the “Knight” world called Knight “5-8”. One day, he meets a boy called Sa Wol (Kang Yoo Seok), who wishes to become a “Knight” like him. With the help of Jeong Seol A (Esom), a military intelligence officer, 5-8 agrees to train and advises Sa Wol on his journey to “Knightship” against a cruel and difficult world.


As an elite delivery driver, Kim Woo Bin boasts skillful acting performance. Viewers highly praise the actor’s performance and image as the highlights in a mildly enjoyable series. In the scenes when the actor had to cover his whole face and only revealed his eyes, “The Heir” actor communicated his character’s emotions purely through his gaze, without uttering a word or sound. More surprisingly, the actor pulled off action-packed scenes with ease, leaving the audience jaw-dropped.

Kim Woo Bin’s subtle acting gains praise from the audience

The “Our Blues” actor pulled off demanding action scenes without breaking a sweat 

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