A “god-given body”…This is the female model with the most beautiful physique in Korea

The fashion model and actress Jang Yoon Joo recently showed off her god-given body in a new pictorial 

In a new photoshoot released by Vogue Korea, the idol-actress Jang Yoon Joo proved why she’s the top model of Korea with intense charisma. 


In the fashion model world, Jang Yoon Joo is considered to have one of the most outstanding physiques. Despite her short stature, the idol-actress has a slim 23-inch waist (58 cm) and a sexy cleavage, making for what netizens called a “god-given body”, Due to this outstanding proportions, Yoon Joo often receives offers to star in lingerie commercials, but has reportedly refused all of them. Instead, she wants to be known for more than beauty, and so decided to enter the acting industry with the 2015 film “Veteran”. Here, the actress played a passionate detective with quite the comical image, and proved that she’s more than visuals. 


The new pictorial of Yoon Joo was done alongside actress Jeon Jong Seo, her co-star in the upcoming Netflix project “Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Zone”, which will be released next month. 


In the interview section with Vogue Korea, Yoon Joo said: “I am inspired by my husband who enjoys his work and is not afraid of challenges. Everything he does seems fun to me, and he’s a person who is always looking forward to the future. He often discusses with me how to be myself and how to have fun. Then, I got a very exciting offer, that I have decided to do under a different name”. The idol-actress also added that she had plans for something super challenging. 

In 2005, Jang Yoon Joo collaborated with Vogue Korean to create a full-body nude statue of herself for a pictorial. 

At the moment, Jang Yoon Joo is working on a photobook of herself taken from her teenage days to now in her 40s. Sharing about the project, the actress said: “I’m going through all the photos, including those I’ve worked on and those I have taken aimlessly. When I was in my teens and 20s, everything looked like a film, and I was amazed by how pretty I was.” She also added that the project would take along time, as the number of digital photos alone is “abnormal”, and if she work 5 to 6 hours a day, the photobook would take months to complete. 


The criteria for choosing are really simple. I’m just picking pictures of expressions and emotions that I haven’t seen anywhere else”, she shared. 


Source: Wikitree

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