A famous child actor, who suddenly disappeared six years ago, returned as a CEO with billions of won in annual sales

Baek Jong-min, a former child actor who appeared in “Queen Seondeok” and “My Kids Give Me a Headache”, became a CEO who earns billions of won per year.

On March 10th, the YouTube channel “Geunhwang Olympics” posted a video titled “A top child actor who suddenly disappeared from TV… Incredible current situation with billions of won in sales”.

Baek Jong-min, who appeared in the video, said, “Filming a drama felt like leaving after joining the company. I had really bad feelings whenever a drama ended. It was so hard for me to do nothing after the end of a drama.”

Baek Jong-min

He continued, “As I went to the army, I naturally had a break. I studied Chinese at a time when I was thinking about what to do because I didn’t have much work. At that time, I was going to make a living as a guide since there were a lot of Chinese tourists.”

He explained, “At that time, I started using Chinese video platform TikTok to get to know Chinese people. Surprisingly, the response was good right from the first video. I gained 5 million followers in about 6 months. Currently, I have 14 million followers.”


Baek Jong-min confessed, “There was little profit for a year or two after using TikTok, but it has been generating little by little since a year ago. There are many advertisers who want to sign a contract with me as a global model. There are many times when I earn hundreds of millions of won per month.

He added, “I also run an MCM company. There are about 20 employees. It’s growing.”

Baek Jong-min has not been engaged in any significant broadcasting activities since appearing in SBS’s drama “Yeah, That’s How It Is” (2016).

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