A 24-member Kpop girl group is causing controversies in Korea. 

Lee Ji Woo, a contestant on “My Teenage Girl”, was recently announced to be debuting with a 24-member Kpop girl group, drawing attention. 

On June 2nd, the news site Star News reported that Lee Ji Woo, a participant on the survival show “My Teenage Girl”, is to debut with Triple S, a Kpop girl group with 24 members. 


Previously, a video of Lee Ji Woo was published on the official SNS of TripleS, where the idol shared about her preparations for her idol debut, as well as her first web-drama. “I will deliver a better version of myself”, the female idol said. 

The debut of Kpop girl group TripleS was first announced by their agency MODHAUS in early May, with Jaden Jeong – the creative director behind Kpop group LOONA, being their major producer. Jaden is a famous face within the industry, and have worked for various large companies like SM Entertainment, Woollim Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment. 

With 24 members, TripleS will become the most crowded Kpop group. 

With 24 members, TripleS is to surpass the 23-member boy group NCT to become the most crowded Kpop idol group. Such a number is jaw-dropping to a lot of people, and even the first-announced member, Yoon Seo Yeon, said that she was surprised when the 24-member lineup was decided. 


Similar to Seo Yeon, Korean netizens were shocked to learn of the news. According to them, having 24 members will greatly divide popularity among members, as well as lessen the opportunities to showcase individual talents. In addition, the public will find it impossible to remember all their names and faces, and thus will be uninterested in following TripleS. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • Can they even manage 24 members at once?
  • How do you divide a song for 24 members? Will there be people who won’t get to sing?
  • 24 members? It will cost a fortune to maintain the group
  • Nobody will be able to know who is who…
  • I can’t even remember some groups with way less members. 
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