A behind story of Gummy and Jo Jung-suk’s romance has just been revealed, “A day before their dating rumor was released… Jo Jung-suk cried”

Singer Young-ji (real name Kim Young-ji), a former member of Bubble Sisters, revealed the story of the romantic relationship between Gummy and Jo Jung-suk.


In the “Woman Running the Chart” section of KBS2’s “Entertainment Company Live” broadcast on March 18th, the list of TOP7 stars who became the “cupids” between couples in the entertainment industry was revealed.

Singer Young-ji, who debuted at the same time as her same-age friend Gummy, was named in the list at 5th place. Young-ji became a close friend to Jo Jung-suk after working with him in the 2013 musical “Hedwig”. It is said that Young-ji took Jo Jung-suk to Gummy’s birthday party and introduced the two to each other.

Young-ji drew attention as she revealed a behind story of Gummy and Jo Jung-suk’s romance, saying, “A day before their dating rumor was reported, Jo Jung-suk contacted me”, adding, “He told me, ‘Gummy must be very tired right now, so please stay by her side’. After coming back from the drama filming, Jo Jung-suk cried and thanked me”.

Comedian Yoo Jae-seok was also mentioned at No.1. Yoo Jae-seok is known to have played a decisive role in the marriages of actor Jin Goo and broadcaster Ji Seok-jin.

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