‘9-year couple’ Kim Woo Bin & Shin Min Ah traveled to Bali last month following their Paris trip

Photos capturing “actor couple” Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah enjoying their happy time in Bali have been revealed.

A video of Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin moving to the airport was uploaded on Twitter, making headlines.

Accordingly, the couple traveled to Bali last month and spent a great time there. 

shin min ah

In particular, Shin Min Ah recently posted on her personal SNS account a photo taken at a local grocery store in Bali. Kim Woo Bin also did the Lovestagram by releasing pictures taken at the resort they stayed.

Shin Min Ah in her natural and simple fashion looked very happy. Kim Woo Bin also boasted his handsomeness even when he was just wearing a plain T-shirt.

kim woo bin

Kim Woo Bin also drew keen attention as he was seen pulling the cart full of luggage all by himself.

In response, netizens left comments showing support and admiration for the couple, saying “What a lovely couple”, “The best celebrity couple who make me want to applaud”, etc.

shin min ah

Meanwhile, proof photos of Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah enjoying their sweet date in Paris, France spread on Weibo last year.

Kim Woo Bin recently gained more popularity as he played a hero in Netflix’s original series “Black Knight” set in a fictional future.

Shin Min Ah is still reviewing scripts and choosing her next acting project following the drama “Our Blues” last year.

Source: Nate

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