Two years ago, she was still unknown… The “monster” actress who is currently being pushed by Netflix

Actress Kim Shin-rok made her acting debut through the movie “Rules of Dating” (2005) and left a strong impression on viewers by appearing in a drama for the first time with tvN’s “The Cursed” (2020).

2 years after Kim Shin-rok‘s first appearance in a drama, she participated in hit films such as “Beyond Evil”, “Hellbound”, “One Ordinary Day” and “Work Later, Drink Now”, expanding her position as a trending scene stealer actress.

Kim Shin-rok

Thanks to this, the list of her next works is overflowing, and the upcoming works are also highly anticipated. Aside from Netflix’s original series “A Model Family”, which is scheduled to air this year, and “The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate”, which confirmed the appearance of Song Joong-ki, Shin Hyun-bin and Lee Sung-min, she is also expected to appear in Disney+’s ambitious drama “Moving“.

Kim Shin-rok
Kim Shin-rok

Meanwhile, the great news of her next work has been reported, raising expectations again. It is known to be Netflix’s series “Sweet Home – Season 2“, which cast her following “Hellbound” and “A Model Family“.

Kim Shin-rok did not appear in Season 1, but if she appears in Season 2, she is expected to increase the tension of the drama by showcasing her amazing acting skills shown in her previous works.

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