9 supporting Korean actors who appear so much in K-drama, fans remember them more than the leads

These Korean actors and actresses always play the same kind of role in numerous K-dramas.

In K-dramas, the spotlight doesn’t belong wholly to the leads. Instead, minor characters also have time to shine, and these supporting Korean actors and actresses can be even more memorable than main characters.

“National mother” Kim Mi Kyung

On the Korean small screen, Kim Mi Kyung often plays the warm mother who may be harsh but always cares for her children. As of the moment, she has been the mother in works such as “Forecasting: Love and Weather”, “The Heirs”, “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay”, “Hi, Bye, Mama!”, and so on.

Kim Mi-kyung

“National father” Sung Dong Il

Alongside the “national mother” is the “national father” Sung Dong Il, who almost always play the grumpy dad who secretly shows his love for his family. The actor’s most iconic role was in “Reply 1988”, as the father of the female lead Duk Sun.

Sung Dong Il

“Flashback prince” Nam Da Reum

Having debuted as a child actor, Nam Da Reum often transforms into the younger versions of male leads. For example, he has played the young Ji Hoo in “Boys Over Flowers” and young Ha Myung in “Pinocchio”. 

Nam Da Reum

“Dark and complex” Jang Hyun Sung

On the small screen, Jang Hyun Sung is either super bright and kind, or grim and cunning. In real life though, he boasts a cheerful personality that never fails to brighten up the set.  

Jang Hyun Sung

“Crazy guy” Kim Won Hae

As a cast member of the famous comedy program “SNL Korea”, Kim Won Hae is known for being a hilarious character on the small screen. Recently, he played the “crazy” father of Nam Joo Hyuk’s character Do San in “Start Up”, cracking up viewers with his wild antics.

Kim Won Hae

“National bad guy” Jo Jae Yoon

Jo Jae Yoon’s characters in K-drama often involve him hindering the main characters. However, he does have his occasional brighter roles, such as in “SKY Castle”, where he played the funny husband Yang Woo of female lead Jin Hee.

Jo Jae Yoon

“National traitor” Um Hyo Seob

There’s two sides to Um Hyo Seob’s on-screen persona, as he’s either a total backstabber of a kind-hearted and warm father. Recently, actor has starred as the CEO Hae Ryong in “Tale of the Nine-Tailed”, and the father in series like “Youth of May” and “Extraordinary You” 

Uhm Hyo Seob

“God of facial expressions” Kang Ki Young

Compared to his recent calm and admirable image in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, Kang Ki Young usually plays comedic characters with a huge variety of hilarious expressions. Across his career, the actor has actually starred in a fair share of hits, like “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?”, “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo”, “W: Two Worlds”, and so on. 

Kang Ki Young

“Comic relief” Kim Kwang Kyu

As soon as you see Kim Kwang Kyu, you should be prepared for laughs, since his characters are almost always for comedic effects. No matter how grim a K-drama is, Kim Kwang Kyu’s appearance will surely brighten the show and ease up all the tensions in the air. The actor is known for his portrayals in “Dae Jang Geum”, “The Penthouse”, and most recently, “Business Proposal” and “Our Blues”.

Kim Kwang Kyu

Source: K14

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