7th year since debut, TWICE prepared “best present” for their first 2022 comeback 

Famous Kpop girl group TWICE will celebrate their 7th anniversary on October 20 this year.

The 11th mini album and title song ‘Talk that Talk’ will be officially released on the 26th at 1pm. Group TWICE will celebrate their 7th anniversary on October 20 this year.

On August 26th, TWICE will be coming back for the 1st time this year with the mini album “Between 1&2”. Prior to this, on August 23rd, the group dropped a teaser video for their title song “Talk that Talk”, as well as various other contents like concept photos, album sneak peaks, and more. 


Across their career, TWICE challenged various concepts, going from their elegant debut song “Like OOH AHH” and the cute hit “Cheer Up”, to a “wild edge” concept with songs like the tropical house “More & More”, the retro synth wave “I Can’t Stop Me”, and the bossa-nova “Alcohol Free”. In this new album, TWICE will also present fresh concepts and music, bringing a new stimulation to fans.

“Talk that talk, just say one word, Talk that talk L-O-V-E”, sings TWICE in their upcoming title song. 


The new track contains a message asking the audience to play “L-O-V-E”, a code-like word that disarms TWICE. Composer Lee Woo Min (collapsedone), who made TWICE’s hit songs such as “Knock Knock” and “The Feels”, took charge of composing and arranging the song, bringing to life an addictive melody on a lively beat. In addition, TWICE also made use of the unique sentiments of Y2K (2000s) and conveys a fresh charm.

Meanwhile, the concept photos contain meaningful elements to ONCE (fandom of TWICE) and TWICE, such as the group’s official colors, dates, and doll props. As such, fans have been having a lot of fun decrypting these hidden elements, and have high expectations for the various visuals of TWICE, going from mysterious, lovely, to retro. 

TWICE members, who are about to comeback, said in unison: “When preparing for a new album, above all else, we feel more confident because we think ONCE will be excited and happy.”


TWICE showed deep fan love by naming the new album “BETWEEN 1&2”, which means “Stories between ONCE and TWICE”, thinking of the fans who are the driving force and great strength.

In addition, Chaeyoung wrote the lyrics for the 3rd track “Basics”, Jihyo for the 4th track “Trouble”, and Dahyun for the 6th and 7th track “Gone” and “When We Were Kids”, while the rest of TWICE also play a huge part in creating the album. In the case of Jihyo, she also participated in the composition, chorus, and directing of “Trouble”, pulling out all stops to provide better songs to fans.

The second track and English song “Queen of Hearts” is a song that expresses gratitude to all those who made precious memories with TWICE, and is expected to resonate with fans around the world. Meanwhile, the 5th track “Brave” stands out with its lyrics, which exude the sincerity of Twice. 

As the group said, “The presence of ONCE gives us courage to be who we are”, the new album “Between 1&2” is filled with songs completed with the fans in mind, and is expected to remain as an unique work in the world.


It is expected that Twice will do well with this album, armed with novelty and fan love, and continue their activities as a “global top girl group”. In addition, it is expected to deliver happiness and joy to the fans who have made Twice what they are today, and to further develop the pride of TWICE.

TWICE’s new mini album “Between 1&2” and the title song “Talk that Talk” will be officially released on August 26th at 1:00 pm (KST). On the same day, they will hold a comeback live and commemorate their comeback with domestic and foreign fans by appearing on the popular American music program “MTV Fresh Out Live”.

Source: Wikitree

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