40-year-old actress Jeon Hye-bin is reportedly pregnant and will become a mother in fall this year

Actress Jeon Hye-bin, who has been active until September last year by appearing in KBS2’s drama “Revolutionary Sisters”, will become a mother this fall.

Jeon Hye-bin

On April 7th, JoyNews24 reported that Jeon Hye-bin (40 years old), who married a dentist in December 2019, was pregnant.

According to reports, Jeon Hye-bin is currently in the 4th month of her pregnancy and is enjoying the happiness of pregnancy with her husband.

As she is in the early stages of pregnancy, Jeon Hye-bin is focusing on prenatal education. The actress is expected to welcome her pretty child in her arms this October.

Fans are pouring out congratulations for Jeon Hye-bin, who finally achieved a fruitful result after 3 years of her marriage.

Meanwhile, Jeon Hye-bin announced her plan of having children when appearing on a broadcast of KBS2’s program “Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant” which aired in 2020. At that time, the actress asked the married couple Yoon Sang-hyun and Maybee, who are raising three children, “Is (having three children) the most ideal?”, adding, “I envy them because they look so happy. But I will leave it to God to decide”

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