4 years in remembrance of the late Sulli “Are you happy there without malicious comments?”

It’s been 4 years since Sulli left the side of those who loved her. In that place where she’s free from others’ gaze, is she wearing a happy smile without any malicious comments?

At around 3:21 PM on October 14th, 2019, Sulli was discovered deceased at her home in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do. Her manager, unable to reach her after their last phone call at 6:30 PM the previous day, went to her house to check on her and found her lifeless.

Sulli had been struggling with depression due to malicious comments. She left a handwritten memo that reflected her usual feelings when she took her own life. Just like that, the 25-year-old twinkling star ascended to heaven.


The prejudices that the world had against 25-year-old Sulli were too harsh for her to handle. People gave a cold gaze at Sulli, who was trying to find herself. Although Sulli had received early ever since she was a child actress, she must have felt so lonely and empty.

On the pre-recorded broadcast of JTBC2’s “The Night of Hate Comments” that aired right after her death, Sulli said, “The inside of the human being Choi Jin-ri is dark, but as celebrity Suli, I often have to pretend to look bright on the outside”, adding “Everyone seems to be living a life with two sides. People don’t know that one of the things I’m trying to do is to find myself”.

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In the end, Sulli left the cruel world that kept hurting her and became a star in the sky. At that time, SM Entertainment left a memorial message on their official SNS account, saying “Sulli has become a shining star in the hearts of all the people who loved her. We will never forget her beautiful appearance and warm heart, and will cherish them forever”.

However, many people still remember Sulli’s bright smile. Just in time, her posthumous work “Dear Jinri” was released and “Persona: Sulli” is also expected to be unveiled, so fans’ longing is doubling. It is true that there are both expectations and concerns, but we will be able to see Sulli’s lively appearance on the screen after a long time.

On October 14th, 2023, rain is falling from the sky, as if missing Sulli.

Source: Naver

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