4 years after private life controversy, Jang Dong-gun returns to the screen with ‘The Dinner’ [Official]

Top star Jang Dong-gun returns with the movie “The Dinner” (tentative title).

On the 13th, production company Hive Media Corps. said, “‘The Dinner’ became more intense at the end of September after about three months of filming. The meeting of actors Sol Kyung-gu, Jang Dong-gun, Kim Hee-ae, Soo-hyun, and Huh Joon-ho will create a well-made movie”.

Jang Dong-gun

Based on Dutch author Herman Koch’s bestseller “The Dinner”, the movie of the same name tells the story of two siblings of different beliefs who stumble across a terrible secret.

Director Hur Jin-ho, who directed the movies “Christmas in August”, “One Fine Spring Day”, “The Last Princess” and “Forbidden Heaven”, took charge. He joined hands with production company Hive Media Corps, who produced a number of hit movies, including “Inside Men”, “Deliver Us From Evil” and “The Man Standing Next”.

the dinner

On top of that, Sol Kyung-gu, Jang Dong-gun and Kim Hee-ae will join.

Earlier in 2020, Jang Dong-gun was caught up in a scandal with Jo Jin Mo, his best friend, and suffered a direct blow to his image. Part of his text messages with Joo Jin-mo were leaked due to hacking, causing controversy as the content of the conversation that was supposed to be with Jang Dong-gun spread and became controversial. Jang Dong-gun kept his silence and stopped performing in the entertainment industry, but appeared on TV for the first time in three years through Season 2 of the TV Chosun documentary ‘Jang Dong-gun’s Back to the Books’ in March.

Jang Dong-gun

After carefully showing his face, he returned to the screen four years later with his new movie “The Dinner” and resumed his acting activities.

In the movie, he transforms into the younger brother, Jae-gyu, and works with Kim Hee-ae. Jang Dong-gun said, “It has been a happy time to work with senior and junior actors for the past three months. “I’m sure that good work will come out as long as my acting skills are good”, he said with confidence.

Jang Dong-gun

Kim Hee-ae played the role of Jae-kyu’s wife Yeon-kyung, and global actress Soo-hyun will appear in Korean movies for the first time as Jae-wan’s new wife Ji-soo.

The release date for “The Dinner” is undecided.

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