4 most stylish short hairstyles worn by Korean celebrities 

If you are having a hard time to select a short hairstyle, look to these iconic looks of Korean celebrities 

Regardless of the time or season, short hair is always a popular option, as they have bright youthfulness and a chic vibe. In addition, if the right style is selected, short hair can make the face smaller and hide flaws. However, with so many short hairstyles to choose from, people can get confused, and what’s better to make a decision than looking to Korean stars? 

Below are 4 trendy, yet suitable short hairstyles that Korean celebrities absolutely adore.

Short bob

momoland nancy

Bob hair is simply never going out of style, and so it’s an all-time favorite for female Korean celebrities. With a flat cut at the tips and no bangs, bob hair gives off an elegant and chic look, while at the same time bringing youthfulness to whoever gets it. 

While the lack of bangs may not be the best option for everyone, there are certain twists you can add to the bob hair to match your facial features, such as adding volume like SNSD Sooyoung, or parting the hair unevenly like MOMOLAND Nancy.

C Curl Perm 

When it comes to sweet, simple, and feminine, there’s no topping the C Curl Perm. Both actress Kang Hanna and UEE are absolutely gorgeous in such a hair style, as it makes them look classy but still youthful, 

kang hanna

The C Curl Perm is especially suitable for office workers, as it is formal and easy to style. However, to keep the C Curl Perm in its best shape, it’s best to have the right round comb and blow dry after washing your hair. 


Wavy curtain bangs are also recommended for this type of hairstyle. 

Layer hairstyle 

Layer hairstyle still retains its heat until fall sets in. The hairdo scores high points for its modern and generous spirits. The hairstyle can help its wearer younger by three to four years. Taeyeon in honey brown layered hair radiated beauty even more. 

This hairstyle is easy to apply to any wearer. With a trimmed layered form, the choice of hairstyle will make your hair more lush and active. Without bangs the layer hair will create a smoother and balanced effect to the face. In addition, the hairdo gives a natural younger feel without any artificiality. 

Short hair and wispy bangs 

Last but not least fashionable is where short hair and wispy bangs come in. Many Korean stars have tried on this youthful and sweet look. The wispy thin bangs are the highlight that hide away the perceived “flaws” such as large or narrow forehead. Some Korean female stars also applied the layer style for their bangs. This is another solution for a natural younger feel and for an increased aura and class. This hairstyle is not too bold nor edgy but instead sweet and charming. 

Source: K14

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