33-year-old Park Bo Young with a high bun proves she just doesn’t age 

Park Bo Young looks so young she can pass off as a high school student.  

On May 20th, Park Bo Young turned on a V App live broadcast to communicate with fans. She tied all her hair into a high bun, capturing fans’ hearts with her youthful and lovely beauty. Park Bo Young’s spotless glass skin and shining deer-like eyes particularly stood out, making her look young and cute like a highschool girl. It’s hard to believe that she is turning 33. 

During her V Live, Park Bo Young explained why she styled her hair into a bun, saying, “I may have my hair cut, so I want to show you guys a bun hairstyle before I cut it.” Park Bo Young also played the songs she liked to listen to, sang along, showing off her adorable charm.

park bo young

Seeing Park Bo Young’s radiant visuals at the age of 33, fans left comments: “She’s so cute”, “I’ll believe it even if someone tells me she’s a high school student”, “Park Bo Young really doesn’t age.”

park bo young

Park Bo Young made her acting debut in 2006 when she was only 17. She has established herself as a trustworthy actress by showing great acting in various films and dramas over the years. She is reportedly about to start filming for the webtoon-based drama “Morning Comes To Psychiatric Wards Too” from the director of “All Of Us Are Dead.”

Source: insight

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