2AM proves their unchanged brotherhood on “Knowing Bros” despite different agencies and 7 years of no group activities

The 2AM members gathered as a whole on “Knowing Bros.”

On JTBC’s “Knowing Bros,” which aired on January 15th, 2AM members Jo Kwon, Lim Seul-ong, Lee Chang-min, and Jung Jin-woon appeared and caught fans’ eye by showing their singing and talking skills. 


Lim Seul-ong said he was a “2AM guardian.” “I produced this album,” Lim Seul-ong said, “We promised to get together again seven years ago.” “We are in different companies, but the most important agreement is to put 2AM activities first.”

Jo Kwon drew attention by saying, “I cried when I first saw Chang-min.” Jo Kwon drew laughter by saying, “It’s been eight years since I met the last member of 2AM, and I expected that feeling of meeting an idol, but it felt like a professor was singing.” 


On this day, 2AM formed a vocal team to hold an audition and conducted a pitch range test. 2AM talked about the experience of having a sound accident in which the MR was turned off during one their live broadcasts in the past. At that time, 2AM received favorable reviews for presenting a perfect performance with harmony despite the audio problem. 


2AM turned off the MR and turned it on again to try to keep the beat, but failed, drawing laughter. Among the members of “Knowing Bros,” Lee Sang-min succeeded in keeping the beat, surprising people. Min Kyung-hoon and Seo Jang-hoon then challenged themselves but failed, causing laughter.

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