K-netizens are saying NMIXX has the worst debut among JYP’s girl groups: The members’ visuals “saved” the disappointing music performance

Almost all JYP girl groups gained huge attention and compliments from the public since their debut song, but the opposite scenario happened to the newest group NMIXX.

After such a long wait, NMIXX finally made their debut with the song “O.O. JYP had lots of expectations for this rookie group as they invested a huge amount in the MV, introduced 7 members as “All-ace” and even showed their talents with pre-debut promotional content. However, Korean netizens’ reactions to NMIXX’s debut song “O.O” were quite disappointing. Many people even called it the worst debut song in the history of JYP’s girl groups.


Almost all JYP girl groups’ debut songs made big hits. Miss A achieved their first music show trophy only 22 days after “Bad Girl, Good Girl” was released, breaking the record at that time. This song also helped Miss A win ‘Song of the Year’ Daesang at the 2010 MAMA. TWICE’s debut song “Like OOH-AHH” climbed backward on charts 3 months after its release, while ITZY won numerous music show trophies and the Rookie of the Year award thanks to the super-hit “Dalla Dalla” in 2019.

NMIXX debut
Miss A…
NMIXX debut
NMIXX debut
.. and ITZY all have debut songs that are well-received by the public.

Miss A, TWICE and ITZY’s debut songs all have addictive and easy-listening melodies, but NMIXX’s song is different. “O.O” received negative comments, saying it is uncatchy and sounds like a messy mix of various songs. A minus point was also given to the lyrics since it is said to be meaningless. Moreover, the members were also criticized for their poor pronunciation which makes it hard for listeners to understand their song.

Netizens expected NMIXX to continue the success of their seniors from the same company, so it’s easy to understand why many people feel disappointed and confused with the quality of music that JYP brings this time. There are even netizens who criticized O.O for being too bad, and said that the beauty of the members saved the whole MV.

NMIXX debut
NMIXX has the worst debut song among JYP girl groups, the group’s visual is the only thing that saved the music?

However, there are also opinions that this song was composed to target the international market, so the new melody is not friendly to the Korean public. They also hope that NMIXX will bring O.O to the stage soon, because maybe the members’ performance will make this song more attractive.

Some Knets comments:

  • This song… is so bad that I can’t even hear the lyrics well.
  • This is JYP’s worst song. The debut songs of miss A, TWICE, and ITZY are all good, but I wonder if you want to listen to this song?
  • JYP’s female idols have always been popular in Korea, but this time I think they’re aiming for the international market.
  • Why is JYP’s music quality like that?
  • I was looking forward to it, but I really couldn’t hear the lyrics. The melody is confusing and not addictive.
  • The song is so bad but the members are all pretty.
  • I want to see them perform. I think this song will be good on stage.
  • I watched the MV but couldn’t hear the lyrics. Is this how foreign fans feel when listening to Kpop?
  • They don’t look like a JYP girl group at all.
  • The MV and the members are beautiful, but the music is disappointing.
  • But this concept coincides with ITZY, right?

Currently, the song O.O is constantly falling on the Korean charts and hasn’t got into the Melon chart, which is understandable when the song mainly receives negative reactions. However, there are many cases where the song turns the tables when idols start promoting, so let’s wait and see if NMIXX can turn the situation around and continue the tradition of JYP or become the first girl group from this company to fail with the debut song.

NMIXX debut
NMIXX’s performance is the only hope to make the song come back
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