2 members from iKON and WINNER shocked fans after a video of them kissing in a bar was leaked

The (seems-like-a)-kiss even lasted for a few seconds, stunned all the fans standing there.

Having not yet recovered from the dating news of Kai (EXO) and Jennie (BLACK PINK) from Dispatch, netizens is now shocked once more with a leaked video on SNS showing Jinhwan (iKON) and Jinwoo (WINNER) seemed to be kissing each other in a bar. Whether this kiss is real or not, this affectionate action is enough to drive the fans crazy.

  • Oh my god, what is happening?
  • Are they really kissing , or is it just me?
  • Unebelievable…

The leaked video showing Jinhwan and Jinwoo being affectionate:

Sources: tn

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