Lee Do Hyun accidentally falls asleep on the set of “The Good Bad Mother”

Lee Do Hyun gave the cast a good laugh by falling asleep by accident while shooting.

In the 12th episode of “The Good Bad Mother”,Choi Kang Ho (Lee Do Hyun) regained his memory and accidentally overheard a conversation between his mother, Young Soon (Ra Mi Ran) and Mi Joo (Ahn Eun Jin). He knew that the twins, Seo Jin and Ye Jin, were his children.

In the scene, Kang Ho was lying on a hospital bed for recovery after two unknown arsonists burned down his family’s pig farm. That was when he was able to hear the conversation between the two women.

A positive atmosphere on the set of “The Good Bad Mother”

Many viewers reported that they were extremely touched by the scene, and were impressed by the actors’ performance in it. However, the behind-the-scenes footage revealed a funnier story. During one take, Lee Do Hyun fell asleep unintentionally because of two ongoing filming projects.

“The Good Bad Mother”

He also snored loudly, causing the director to yell cut, even though Ra Mi Ran and Ahn Eun Jin were immersed in their roles. The actors had to redo the scene; nonetheless, the cast had a good laugh about it.

Source: K14 

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