18-year-old NewJeans Daniel makes a surprising confession, “I’ve never been in love” while covering BTS V’s new song 

NewJeans member Danielle covers BTS V’s song

On August 30th, Danielle, a member of NewJeans, uploaded a video titled ‘V – Rainy Days’ Cover By DANIELLE’ on the official YouTube channel.

In the video, Danielle expressed, “Today, I’m going to sing V’s senior’s ‘Rainy Days.’ I remember when I first heard it,” and she reminisced, “Listening to ‘Rainy Days,’ it was so touching. The feeling of sitting by the window on a rainy day from my childhood, waiting for someone, the emotions, the beauty… it had a vintage vibe that I really liked.”

Danielle revealed that after listening to V’s song, she really wanted to cover it. She admitted, “I’ve never experienced that kind of love before. That kind of love. So there were parts of the lyrics that I couldn’t really relate to.”

She continued, “Still, I will try my best to express the emotions and atmosphere that I feel when listening to this song,” conveying her adorable determination. With her unique and sweet voice, Danielle reinterpreted ‘Rainy Days.’

newjeans danielle

V, after listening to it, shared a part of Danielle’s cover video on his social media on the same day, showing his delight.

Not only that, during a live broadcast, V showed his love for his junior by enjoying Danielle’s cover song and even giving a thumbs up.

‘Rainy Days,’ covered by Danielle, is the pre-release track from V’s first solo album ‘Layover.’

The album ‘Layover’ will be released on September 8th at 9:30 AM.

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